Sponsor a Book

You or your group can get involved in the creation of new books for kids in East Timor! This can be by simply sponsoring a story book, or by sponsoring a book for a particular purpose.

If you want to sponsor a story book, we simply let the amazing Timorese artists and writers get on with it and create a book about any topic that takes their fancy. The great thing about this approach is that is means that the books created are 100% relevant and accessible for kids in Timor, as the stories and pictures are created by Timorese people themselves.

The other option is to sponsor a book for a particular purpose. Books are wonderful as they can carry important messages to kids. We can incorporate these messages into the story books. Some of the topics that have been incorporated into the books so far are sharing, conserving the environment, how to avoid the spread of worms, teeth brushing, etc.

To date, people have sponsored books for $200 (USD). This money goes directly to the artists collectives, who produce 8 illustrations for a book ($100 goes to the artists collective, $100 goes to the artist that created the book). These illustrations still belong to the artists, we only pay for the use of the illustrations in the books, not the ownership of them. All other work on the books (translation, editing, etc) is carried out by volunteers.

Once a book is complete it gets uploaded to this website so that anyone can download, print and distribute this book to kids in East Timor.